About Meiying

       Miya is a multitalented girl who is currently pursuing a BSc. (Statistics) & BMus. (piano concentration) Dual Degree with Professor Amanda Chan at the University of British Columbia. Her hobbies range widely from going to a Hackathon to learning the flute. 


       Miya started her musical journey at the age of 4. Her piano teacher, Zhuo Li, has since then become her mentor and deeply influenced how she views the world. She received her Level 10 certification for piano by both The Music Examination Committee of the Chinese Musicians Association and Grading Committee of China Conservatory at the age of 12. Although she was accepted into the top high school in Shanghai, she decided to start a journey in Canada where she discovered her love in music. She graduated with the highest marks for AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and Jazz Band from Southpointe Academy. Upon entering UBC, she received the Outstanding International Student Scholarship and the S. Cyril Maplethorp Memorial Scholarship in Music, to name a few. 

       In Summer 2019, she worked as a Research Assistant in the UBC School of Music for Dr. Ève Poudrier's Project on "Rhythmic Computation and Cognition". In Winter 2020, she worked as a full-time undergraduate teaching assistant in the Department of Statistics at UBC. 

      She is the only approved undergraduate "Non-Degree Private Piano Teacher" by the UBC School of Music. Miya’s pedagogy blends solid techniques with unlimited musicality that would allow her students to express themselves through music. Last but not least, she is also a Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award recipient, and a Gold Five-Star Level Latin Dancer.

      Passion above all else is what motivates her and keeps her focused.

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